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Sparkle! (and where to find the best stuff)


When it comes to sourcing sparkle, Laura Stanford knows her stuff. As co-author of the fabulous new book The Secrets of Sewing Lingerie, she (and fellow author Katherine Sheers) is a professional when it comes to using luxurious and delicate fabrics. Where better to turn for advice on where to find something a bit special to glam up your party outfit!

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Seam finishes for The Buchanan


Our Buchanan gown provides a great opportunity to get your seam finishing perfected - the loose fitting style means the ‘guts’ are on show a fair bit! There are so many different methods, some more time consuming than others but finishing the inside of your garment beautifully will help take it from home-made to couture… Put the overlocker and the pinking shears away and try one of these methods instead.

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