How to Sew with Leather

Sewing with leather is actually very straightforward and can be done on pretty much all home sewing machines. There’s just a few things to remember before you start…


How to make The Mortmain party skirt!

This year, I’ve been coveting a sparkly, twirly skirt for festive get-togethers. Having found some irresistible fabric, I thought a hack of The Mortmain dress into a skirt was just the thing. Add a lining, and you’ve got a luxe, bespoke skirt that’ll get you in the party mood.


How to Sew Turned & Stitched Seams

This is such a simple technique but surprisingly neat. We’ve used a contrasting thread here to make it easier to see but try and colour match your thread to the fabric and the stitches will blend in.


How to Sew Bound Seams

This method is often found in unlined jackets or coats but we love the look of it and used it in a few of our Buchanan samples.


How to Sew French Seams

French seams are a brilliant seam finish to have in your arsenal - the raw edges are tucked away completely out of sight leaving a lovely neat seam.


How to Sew Box Pleats

There are quite a few different types of pleats, The Mortmain dress pattern has box pleats which can easily be reversed for a different look.