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All we want for Christmas…

With Christmas only 5 days away (5!), we thought it high-time for a roundup of what’s on our wish lists this year. Of course it really is FAR too late to be ordering any of these goodies in time for the big day but anybody who really needed to know what to buy us has obviously already got piles of fabulous gifts wrapped and ready. Ahem.

Send a photo of your abode to Holly’s Houses and she’ll make a rubber address stamp from a beautifully drawn illustration of your home. A reason (if one is needed) to get back into letter writing again.

A blue bike! A BLUE bike! Is any rationale needed? The beautiful Birdie from Bobbin Bicycles.

Customisable necklace from Return to Me. You get the necklace and yarn and it’s up to you to design and make your own. How fab is that?!

Gorgeous screen printed bag from Bookhou on Etsy. A good way to carry the knitting around methinks.

Silhouette Cross Stitch kit from What Delilah Did. A nice little project to keep your hands busy while watching The Muppet Christmas Carol for the umpteenth time…

So, that’s it. We’re off to frantically panic buy the last (first?) of our Christmas presents and eat our body weight in mince pies. We got a busy time up ahead with lots of things planned for gather in the new year, so keep coming back here to find out what’s going on and/or follow us on twitter @gatherkits. Merry Christmas!

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